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Credit Management plans

We have a wide range of professionals adapting credit management plans

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Debt Relief programs

Let our counselors guide you through debt relief programs in order to find the best solution for you

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It's easier to get on top of your finances when there is someone who can show you the best available solutions

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Getting to know what are the available solutions will already give you a peace of mind. You can't get started without it!

Debt Consolidation

Applies to all current credit and payment plans

Debt Relief

Take a look at also at debt relief programs

Credit Repair

Manage your credit rating with these tools

Credit Card Repair

Applies to all current credit card debt


Refinancing can be a good solution to save money on a mortgage

Car Loan Evaluation

See here if you can get lower rates for your current loan

Free Assessment

Know your available solution for any situation


Make sure you are in control of your spendings

Debt Relief Programs

Planning your next financial move without the know how can be devasteting, see your options first hand

Debt payoff

Learn from other experience in settling their debt

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Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Evaluate your sitation for bankruptcy

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Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Know which type of bankruptcy is better for you

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Debt management

Planning can be the key to order in finances

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Tax debt relief

Professional help with clearing out tax debt

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If your not sure - a free consultation is in place

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What should I consider while planning my finances?

Planning your financial future is one of the core moments in our economic system. Any financial transaction you participate in can have an impact on your future. If you don't have the full scope of the situation, it's likely you won't achieve the results you were looking for!

Not likely in the age we are living in! Financial institutions are made to easy our life and help us achieve more over time. It's a matter of decisions we take when using these tools, making financial transactions and planning our next move. Professionals who have daily work with people can guide through and advise which directions to take.

With growing financial aid and developing systems, it's OK to have some confusion over which help is best for you. Debt relief may look as if all other recources are spent, but in reality - many people benefit from debt management, debt pay off and bankruptcy solutions and free up their finances in smarter way.

With experience in the field of financial planning and knowing American financial habits, cDebt team is qualified to bring you the necessary information for making a decision which won't be made in a haste, but through a thoughtful manner considering the results you want to achieve!