Managing during a pandemic

How manage debt during covid-19 crisis?

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Working through a crisis

Year 2020 has made a turn for the worst and USA citizens are feeling it hands on. If your carrying unpaid loans, mortgage payments, car payments and other unpaid debt, your might feel as if the burden is getting heavier than you can carry. As the pandemic has effected the USA economy, unemployment rate is rising and people are reconsidering they're expenditures and seeking for help. But what support is available?

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Where to look for support during covid-19?

What advice to expect and what help is available?

For unemployment

More than 20 million people have filled for unemployment benefits since the start of covid-19 pandemic. People are receiving support through:

  • Coronavirus Aid
  • Relief programs
  • CARES Act - $600 per week for unemployed
  • Financial institution support

Help for debt

Financial institutions have been instructed to work in order to help borrowers, who are struggling with payment after coronavirus started, so you can apply for:

  • Payment extensions
  • Free waivers
  • Lower interest rates
  • New payment arrangements

Planning expenses

In an economic downturn budgeting becomes even more important:

  • Making a plan for weekly/monthly expenses
  • Estimating your current bills, debt and other payments
  • Making room for a safety nest
  • Seeking help to reduce your monthly payments