Debt consolidation

Are you struggling to pay off a range of debts?

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If you are working through paying off a range of debts, each having a different payment date and interest rates, debt consolidation might be a choice for you. It's an exellent option to simplify your finances, reduce your monthly payment amount and free up your mind of the hassle of multiple creditors.

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What is Debt Consolidation?

Debt consolidation is combining all your debts into one single stream, so instead of making multiple payments with different dates and interest rates - which can be substiantially higher, cDebt helps you monetize your situation by rolling them all up in one payment with, usually with a lower interest rate.

cDebt is helping people to consolidate a range of different creditor debts, we are finding solutions for people who have credit card debt, pay day loans, payments for furniture or equipment, ATO debts, car loans, home loans and many more.

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Is Debt Consolidation Good for Me?

Consolidating your debt is a huge financial decision that shouldn’t be made lightly. You need to weigh-up your current financial situation and identify what options are available and what would suit your financial situation best.

Debt Negotiators can help. We can help you assess your financial situation for free, develop a budget and identify the best way forward including whether debt consolidation is right for you. Our expert independent consultants can offer impartial guidance using their in-depth knowledge of the law, debt processes and options.

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What are the benefits of Debt Consolidation?

The benefits of a debt consolidation loan, if done correctly, will result in some significant benefits:

Simplify your finances

One loan to one creditor

Lower monthly costs

Lower interest rates