How to manage your debt?

Is debt management fit for you?

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Debt management purposes

First of all, you don't need to stress. With planning, any case can be solved! Debt management can be used to clean out a list of unwanted debt.

If you have debt in such areas as:

  • Car loans
  • Mortgage or rent bills
  • Utilities, electricity or gas
  • Income tax or VAT
  • Maintenance bills
  • Or phone or internet bills
  • Pay day loans

Debt management can be used to get through small debt or planning for longer periods and working through bigger commitments.

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Coronavirus and debt management

There are support plans that you can apply for in these uncertain times of Covid-19 pandemic.

You can apply for:

  • Three to six months of payment holidays for mortgages.
  • Three to six months of credit card debt and personal loans
  • Help with insurance payments and insurance premiums
  • Car loans - as for mortgage, you can apply for holidays for 3 - 6 months
  • In addition - you can receive an interest rate-free overdraft for atleast 3 months in order to support short term issues
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Make sure you sorted out your debts - what type of debt you have, in which area and what could be a rough estimate.


Take an overall look at your income versus expenses. You will want to assess what is the percentage of your monthly payments from your income.


Make sure you consider your options, consult a professional and apply for support to manage your debt more easily.

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Our team of counselors will help you navigate through all the necessary steps to receive support and help you work out an individual debt management plan.