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Being under pressure to pay off debt can be cumbersome, after a while any possibility to eliminate this part of your daily troubles will become attractive, but before you make a fast decision regarding your savings, some additional money or help from a family member or friend, you should consider your next financial move. Will this be enough to get you back on top of your finances or is there a possibility you might end up back in debt after a while. There are a few key points to look at and we will take you through them!

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Additional income

This seems as a no brainer. If you are in debt and your income has increased - why not make a payment in full and reduce your overall repayable sum?

But before making a rash decision - it's important to re-check if you don't have any important upcoming expenses.

Help from family

Some of us may have the accessory of a helping family member or friend.. Though professional experience shows, that usually when a person is getting out of an unmanagebla debt with such help - it can easily backfire. It's important to not underestimate such help and by all chance try to resolve the situation yourself.

Regular income

Having a hefty sum come your way may seem as the current hassle of debt might already be behind you. Though planning ahead and understanding if this is a one time thing or if you can rely on this on a regular basis may be the turning point.

Making a plan

There is no doubt that a debt pay off is going to save you some money - reduced costs, not paying the extra interest rates, maybe you can even negotiate a better deal. Make a budget plan for your next 4 to 6 months. If you feel stability looking forward - this might be the right move to do!