Tax Debt Relief

Are you falling behind on tax payments?

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How to eliminate your tax debt?

If you're in a situation where you don't know how to pay back your debt, you owe back taxes, there are several ways to go about it. Even consumer protection agency advises citizens to not panic or stress, there are options to consider.

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Who can help you with tax debt?

And what are your options?

Enrolled Agents

We have a team of professionals in the field

Certified Public Accountants

Throughout our network we are able to find the best

Installment Agreements

For paying debt over an agreed period

Offer in compromise

Settling debt pay off for a reducted amount

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Working with professional

Working through paying off your tax debt can be hard in the beginning. There is certain documentation you need to fill in order to apply for a settlement and it can be stressful to negotiate your terms with IRS. Seeking help is advisable and normal in order to make sure you know the best solution for your case.

But it's important to know what help you are receiving. Only acknowledge professionals can help you deal with your tax debt and consult you on dealing with the IRS. We advise to get in touch and make a free assmessment together in order to get the most beneficial outcome.

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Two general scenarios

Installment Agreements is ment for settling tax debt in case you can't make a full payment in one approach:

  • Allows people to make smaller payments until the tax debt is fully payed
  • The threshhold for applying is $50,000 and maximum payment term of 60 months
  • Need to apply by filing documentation, need to negotiate the terms of your monthly payment and term

Offer in compromise - lets you settle your debt permanently for less than the amount you owe:

  • Has strict criteria for eligibility, must have reason for paying less
  • Need to fill documentation and negotiate payment amount
  • Only an option of other possibilities have been cleared and exhausted
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